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Azaleas Exbury...

Hardy Deciduous 
Azaleas Exbury

The "Exbury group" of Azaleas have larger flowers than Luteum and come in a range of colours; vibrant orange, pillar-box red, lemon yellow, pale pink and more. They also have great Autumn foliage. (See the first picture on the
shrub list). All our Azaleas are grown outside on gravel beds and as a result are hardy and bushy, as they get larger so they are potted up and grown on.

 2 litre pots at 10.00 each

5 litre pots at 18.00 each

7.5 litre  pots at 26.00 each

20 litre pots at 52.00 each

43 litre pots at 98.00 each


Planting instructions  for Azaleas

Choose a position which is damp yet well drained, in other words just up from the bottom of a bank so any excess water can run away. If the bed is level then dig the hole, break up the soil in the bottom of the hole and add some planting compost and mix in (no lime as azaleas like an acid soil) then gently firm. Tap off the pot and stand in the hole so the plant compost level is 4cm higher than the overall level of the bed, back fill with a mix of top soil and ericaceous compost so the finished affect is a plant slightly proud of the surrounding soil that way after the heaviest down pour of rain the azalea will not be standing in water.

This picture shows an Azalea Exbury 'Glowing Embers' with   the red leaves of Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Atropurpureum'

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