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Azalea Luteum

Hardy Deciduous Azalea Luteum Flowering   April till June

 As well as spectacular yellow scented flowers in May, Azaleas also have stunning Autumn foliage. We grow Azalea Luteum starting in a 2 lt pot for 10.00 up to 22 years old plants in 90 lt pots at 265.00 - with those you get an instant garden! See shrub list for other large plants. Call at the nursery in Chivenor and see for your self. 

Please note we are not at the Nursery all day, every day, so ring and we will meet you there.    Phone 01271  _ 815 269 or  mobile  07788 _ 767 154

Azalea Luteum prefer a damp, well drained acid soil. Although they can cope with full sun, if there is some shade at mid day, the flowers will then last for four weeks instead of fading in full sun after only two weeks! Two weeks is still longer than a bunch of flowers.

2 litre pot at 10.00 each 

5 litre  pot at 18.00 each

12 litre pot at 32.00 each

20 litre pot at 52.00 each

43 litre pot at 98.00 each

Large Azalea luteum

90 litre pot full of buds 265.00 Buy this plant and you buy 23 years time!

125 litre pot 25 years old 335.00     One only


The golden yellow of Azalea luteum may be slightly smaller than the Exbury group  but well worth growing with the strong scent wafting in the still early evening air. No garden should be without one (or at least three)  

Plant Now !

This image shows the Red Autumn foliage and different pot sizes starting with 2 litre bottom right 5 litre with the white label 10, 20, 43 and 90litre.

Small to large Azalea Luteum

01271_ 815269 07788_ 767 154