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'Caerhays Suprise'


Seedlings available Now.

2 litre plants 16.00 each

20 litre one only 65.00


Tree Fern

Dicksonia Antartica

1.5 litre  10.00

2 litre 16.00 each

5 litre 25.00 each

15 litre pot 65.00 Sold out

Magnolia 'Caerhays Suprise'  flowering for the first time in 17 years, (planted 1995, a  grafted 3 year old plant) worth the wait with flowers 12 inches across

Stuart seen here sat  in the garden waiting for his magnolia to flower! We now grow Tree Ferns 'Dicksonia Antarctica' 5 litre pot only 26.00 each needs an almost frost free site. Plants can only cope with minus 3 degrees Celsius.  Any colder and they DIE!

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