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Hints and Tips... Now is the time to plant a hedge

See the Escallonia Page for planting instructions

The best time of day to water Bedding plants in the Summer months is in the evening, then plants have all night to absorb the moisture ready for the next days heat wave. At 10 o'clock in the morning when you notice plants wilting is too late, as any water sprayed will evaporate in minutes and what doesn't will act as a magnifying glass and burn the flowers and foliage. This rule is for tub and hanging baskets as well as plants growing in the garden.
  When it comes to feeding plants, the soil should already be damp - Why? If the soil is wet then the plant is well watered and under no stress and the plant food will be readily absorbed by the plant. When plants dry out it is the moisture/water that evaporates from the cells causing the salts and sugars in the cells to become more concentrated, if you add fertilizer to the soil then you have an equally strong or stronger solution in the soil Osmoses then works in reverse, causing the plant to wilt making the situation worse, going in a downwards spiral. Copious supplies of clean water added to the plant/soil is the only answer.

Success with Seeds :-

Buy or Collect good  quality seed

Sow at the right time of the year

Into a good compost with right Ph

In clean conditions with a minimum temperature of 20'C - 65'F

Water with a fungicide

Shade from direct Sun

Keep animals off. (Cats & slugs)

Look every day

Move on A.S.A.P. into small pots or standard seed trays with a stronger compost. - Good Luck !

Plant a tree and save the world, the waste product (from photosynthesis) is Oxygen ! which we need!!   






The red bottle brush Callistemon shows up well against the yellow of 'Robinia frisia' and the blue sky


Wisteria sinensis in full flower - May

Hydrangea 'Blue wave' large Summer flowering salt resistant sea side plant

When planting Azaleas:-  They like a damp, well drained soil - not standing in water after a storm.

they need an acid soil (no lime) plant with an ericaceous compost not too deep and no firming in.

Hand weed or spray in winter as they are shallow rooted and hoes will upset the roots.

Planting an Escallonia hedge:- see the escallonia page.

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