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Shrub list...

Here is a list of some of the plants we grow at Chivenor. We have a lot of plants in more than one size. As they get older and bigger, they are potted up so the  price rises. (But not as fast as petrol) Large plants are always in demand for that instant garden, you are in effect 'buying time'.  Ring me for more information or to see if I'm at the nursery now - 077 88 767 154

Shrub Availability list - Spring 2019

 lt = litre. Pot size

SW = Salt wind resistant plants

Abies nordmanniana

 15 lt.  45.00    

Acer palmatum red leaves 2 lt 18.00
Acer palmatum red leaves 7.5lt 40.00
Acer palmatum green 20 lt 96.00

Azalea Exbury pastal shades 3 lt 10.00 SW
Azalea Exbury pastal shades 7.5 lt 29.00
Azalea Exbury pastal shades 20 lt 45.00
Azalea Exbury pastal shades 43 lt 96.00     

 Azalea Luteum Yellow Scented May 2 lt 10.00
Azalea Luteum Yellow Scented in May    5 litre pot   18.00 this is a good size to buy as they are well budded for Next  spring flowering.
Azalea Luteum Yellow Scented May 12 litre pot 32.00 each  SW
Azalea Luteum Yellow Scented May 20 litre pot 52.00 each    SW
Azalea Luteum Yellow Scented May 43 litre pot 98.00                              Azalea luteum  90 litre pot 265.00 each

Azalea Luteum 125 litre pot 7ft tall and 5ft across one only 24 years old 335.00 collected

Azalea evergreen Japanese satsuki red        2 litre pot 9.50 each
Azalea evergreen Japanese blue danube     2 litre pot 9.50
Azalea evergreen Japanese valks scarlet    2 litre pot 9.50
Azalea evergreen Japanese nakahari pink 9.50 each
Azalea evergreen Japanese purple 2 lt 9.50
Azalea evergreen Japanese brick red   9.50
Azalea evergreen Japanese white 2 lt 9.50
Bay tree evergreen 2 lt 8.00 SW makes a good hedge!

Trees :-

 Beech tree Green:- 

10 lt  6 ft.  26.00 each

Cooper Beech

7 lt  4-5ft now 29.00         

Betula pendula silver birch 5 ft 5 lt 9.00
Betula pendula silver birch 8-10 ft 18.00

Betula Pendula 'Tristis' 75.00

Betula Utilis 'Jacquemontii' 20lt 12ft in stock now2019 125.00

10lt 7ft now 85.00 each

Camellia X Williamsii Donation & others       2 litre pot 12.00
Camellia X Williamsii Donation & others       5 litre pot 22.00

Cedrus atlantica glauca Grafted plants Good blue  125.00

Ceratostigma willmottianum blue flower.   8.50 each 


See  Prunus

Cordyline Australis palm green 2lt 8.00 SW  5 litre 16.00
Cordyline Australis palm green 15 lt 28.00 sold out!
Cordyline Australis palm green 37 lt 65.00 one only

Cotoneaster 'Coral beauty' evergreen ground cover 2 lt 7.00
Cotoneaster Dammerii evergreen ground cover 2 lt 7.00

Elaeagnus x Ebbingei  

5 lt pot 10.00

20 lt pot 46.00 

Escallonia Macrantha evergreen hedging plant. 2 lt 7.50 SW

   For a better price on escallonia   see the Escallonia Page.

Eucalyptus Gunnii evergreen tree 2 litre pot 80-100cm plants 11.00                                        Eucalyptus Gunnii evergreen 10 lt 22.00

Grizalina green hedging plant    2 lt 9.00 SW

20 lt.  1.2m tall 60.00 each

Hosta 'Blue Angel' blue 2 litre pots 8.00 each      
Hosta 'Great Expectations' cream green 2 lt 8.00
Hosta 'Wide Brim' green white 2 lt 8.00                                            Hosta Fire and Ice 2 litre pots 8.00 each

Hydrangea King George Blue mop head 5 lt 11.00 SW

Hydrangea Lacecap blue wave 5 lt 11.00 SW

Hydrangea RED 2lt 9.00 each ready April 2019

Liquidamber 'Lane Roberts' small tree with good Autumn foliage  20 litre pots 65.00 

Malus John Downie crab apple   std. 70.00

Metasequoia glyptroboidies 'Goldrush'   Dawn Redwood

20 lt 6ft 85.00 one only

43 lt  8ft  130.00


Mountain Ash sorbus aucuparia 165.00 43 litre pot

Olearia macrodonta New Zealand Holly       5 litre pots 16.00 SW

Phormium ''Maori Queen'' 3 lt 12.00.00

Picea Conica 2 lt 9.00
Picea Conica 5 lt 25.00
Picea Conica 15 lt 85.00  Picea Conica 35 lt 225.00

Pittosporum tenuifolium evergreen scented 7 litre pot 12.00      SW makes a good hedge

Prunus             Japanese Cherries            

 Weeping Cherry                   Prunus Cheal's Weeping Std. 95.00   

Prunus 'Amanogawa' Upright cherry 65.00

Prunus 'Accolade' semi-double pink 75.00

Prunus 'Tai Haku' great white Cherry 80.00                   
Thuja Rheingold dwarf conifer bronze 5 litre pot 11.50 each

Trachycarpus fortunei hardy palm

FP9cm Small seedlings 2.00

2 litre pot 9.00 each             SW                  

15 litre pot 65.00 one only
Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn

2 litre 12.00 

 5lt 23.00 

Wisteria sinensis    blue  from seed 2 litre pot 15.00 each  SW

Ring for now for availability


Autumn Foliage in October. The red is  Azalea Exbury Hybrid Delicatissima


A yellow / cream Azalea Exbury Hybrid Delicatissima in May


View across the shrub sales area at Chivenor

Plants at home in Braunton

Me at RHS Rosemoor gardens March 2012

Trees for Sale at the Nursery








Cordyline Red star with the blue of Eucalyptus Gunnii behind

Green Cordyline three sizes for sale





Stuart holding two Escallonia macrantha


A batch of Eucalyptus gunnii ready for sale

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